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  • Desks/tables
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  • Reception/counter
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  • Coffee tables
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    Coffee tables
  • Displays
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  • Bookcases
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    Bottle racks
  • Bedroom furnitures
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    Bedroom furnitures
  • Furnishing items
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    Furnishing items
  • Baby line
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    Baby line
  • Stand
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  • Boiserie
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  • Home Staging
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    Home Staging

The innovative cardboard fittings are a 100% Italian product, characterized by an original and high-quality design, with a strong personality, considering both functional and aesthetic
aspects. Shapes are simple and ergonomic, spaces are functional, the assembly easy to do. All these aspects define a distinctive concept. The finish, for example, does not cover the joints, but leaves them visible, revealing their constructional technique. Cardboard is a well-known and ancient material, widespread and employed in different contexts and settings than furnishing, where the originality of the raw material gives originality to the finished product that represents its most elaborate expression. Now, what about comfort? Although, in the first instance, cardboard is not normally associated to the idea of comfort, whoever tries it is surprised to discover that it can be solid and resilient. Characteristics that also make it a very safe product.
2° Health
Too often, without even knowing it, we are surrounded by harmful fittings and objects, containing chemical products, sometimes toxic even carcinogenic substances. Stopping this
phenomenon, avoiding our organisms to be damaged by bad substances is possible, and highly advisable to keep our body in good health! Cardboard is a green natural material, which does not contain chemical substances nor dangerous additives.
3° Low environmental impact
The attention to the safeguard of the environment led Nardi to researching green solutions, choosing natural products and raw materials and checking the environmental impact during all
the production chain. 100% recyclable and biodegradable, Nardi's cardboard fittings convey at first sight a pleasant and natural impression and immediately communicate the environmental commitment of those who designed them and of its final users. Even the materials used to finish the products (i.e. glass and fabric) are always chosen following the same eco-friendly and sustainable criteria.
4° Solidity
Solid and tight, through few simple joints. Light and resistant, our cardboard furniture is realized in a 1,4 cm thick high-quality triple wave. Cardboard chairs (the most strained)
can bear up to 200 kilos! Module bookshelves support 20 kilos of weight per shelf, while cardboard desks and tables support even 100 kilos. As the working shelves, due to their main function, are more subject to wear and tear, they are usually built in glass or mdf, or upholstered with other materials recyclable and/or recycled.
5° Services
Nardi's services cover all areas of interest. DESIGN: an architect is at your disposal to plan your cardboard furnishings. We design cardboard bookcases, stands, office and shop
furnishings. Send a MAP to <a href="mailto:info@mobiliincartone.it">info@mobiliincartone.it</a> and tell us about your needs, including quantities, specific finish, deadlines, etc. We will put maximum care and attention, trying to find the most suitable and sustainable solutions to your specific needs. TRANSPORT AND ASSEMBLY: for shops, offices, stands and other private spaces, a team will be at your disposal to transport and assemble the products. Send your request to have a quotation.
6° Customisation … the choice is yours ...
Another interesting aspect of NARDI's cardboard furnishings is the possibility to customise the products: prints, posters, decorations through lithoprints, silk-screen printing and
engravings. Solutions are always sustainable and environmental even when customised, through the proposal of green and non-polluting products keeping them always recyclable.
7° Transport & Delivery
Very Important: transport, maintenance and delivery are conceived to guarantee the maximum saving for the user and the minimum impact on the environment. NARDI's cardboard furniture
packaging is light weight and light volume, therefore both delivery and logistics are inexpensive as compared to similar products. NARDI's furnishings are sent in light and handy installation kits, that can be mounted directly on the spot by the user, following very simple instructions, and above all, without adding any glues, nails or ironware. This last aspect is an additional item of saving.
8° Prices
The price of a product always depends on elements such as quality, manufacturing, innovation, branding, market laws and many other influential factors. NARDI makes its furniture
paying the maximum attention to the production process, the design and quality not only of the cardboard material, but also of the plotter that ensures good finishes to the final product. NARDI's furnishings, in fact, are not only beautiful, but solid and resistant, able to support considerable weight and to stand wear and tear. An additional surprise is in prices: with extremely competitive price lists both for comsumers (home furnishings) and for the business world (offices, showrooms and fairs), NARDI is able to offer a catalogue of furnishings of high quality with favourable quotations.
9° Do-it-yourself furniture. We have the material and you get it done
NARDI designs, creates, customises and delivers its furnishings in sets ready to be assembled. However, for those users who would like to personalise their furniture on their own,
NARDI offers technical assistance for the "do-it-yourself" activity, for example by providing special paints, stencils, glitters, stickers, fabric, cushions and accessories that can make unique every piece of furniture.
10° 100% Satisfied or Money Back
NARDI wants to spead an environmental and sustainable culture and distribute furniture that expresses this culture. In addition to this, NARDI integrates its proposal with a punctual
and clear communication, presenting and describing its products and their features through cards and files that contain technical data and photos. Nevertheless, should the user not be 100% satisfied with his/her purchase, he'll be able to return it and get his/her money back.
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